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POSITION : Imaging Devices >> ViruSpot Reader    SITEMAPE-MAIL  德国艾迪(AID)公司中国代表处IMPRESSUM
ViruSpot Reader

The AID ViruSpot Reader is the newest development in the growing product group "Image Analyser" of AID. Based on the proven technology of our EliSpot System this multi-functional device is capable to read and analyse virus-plaques as well as EliSpot plates and agar plates. The system therefore can be used in a wide range of applications in virology, immunology and microbiology.
Without structural alterations the ViruSpot Reader is able to handle all kind of 24-, 48 and 96 well plates. The system is equipt with a high resolution digital camera and has an integrated optical zoom function, which allows a magnification of up to 100x.

AID ViruSpot System Please click on the image to see enlarged version.

AID ViruSpot Reader
  • Constructed on the proven AID EliSpot Reader technology
  • Process plates in 6-, 12-, 24-, 48- and 96-Well format
  • Reads EliSpot plates at high resolution
  • Reads viral plaque assays
  • Optical zoom integrated
  • Suitable for EliSpot, Virusplaques and agar plates
  • Multifunctional device for use in:
    • Immunology
    • Microbiology
    • Virology

The Viruspot Reader System includes the following components:

AID ViruSpot Reader Unit:
  • FireWire Camera, 1280x960, Color
  • LED/Neon Ring Illumination
  • QuadPack Stage, 4 stepper motors to control stage, zoom and focus
  • footprint 43x43 cm

Computer/Control Unit:
  • Pentium IV, 1 GB RAM, DVD Writer
  • FireWire Host Adaptor, Networking card
  • Screen: 19" TFT
  • Printer: HP Deskjet Color

  • MS Windows 2000/XP
  • MS Office 2000/XP incl. Word and Excel
  • AID ViruSpot Software




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