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POSITION : Imaging Devices >> EliSpot Reader    SITEMAPE-MAIL  德国艾迪(AID)公司中国代表处IMPRESSUM
Immunoblot/Genoblot Scanning System

The unique Scanning system for Immunoblots and Genoblots (LineBlots) from AID

AID offers a unique Scanning System for the acquisition, storage and evaluation of Immunoblots (western blots) and DNA-stripes. You don´t have to store the blots physically, once they are electronically acquired. This will increase the interserial comparability and reproductibility of your findings in a significant way.

Scanning System for immunoblots and genoblots (LineBlots)   Please click on the image to see enlarged version.

Illustration of the AID Immunoblot/Genoblot Scanning system. The software was developed by AID particularly for this area of application. Please visit the sides of the respective single parameters of the Immunoblots, in order to see the Scan pictures.
down Downloadd: AID - products and services overview (pdf, 360 kb)- or ask for printed copy!


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