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POSITION : Imaging Devices >> EliSpot Reader    SITEMAPE-MAIL  德国艾迪(AID)公司中国代表处IMPRESSUM
About EliSpot 酶联斑点分析


  EliSpot (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Spot) is the most sensitive immunoassay and allows the monitoring of secreted cytokines even at the single T-cell level. With EliSpot it is possible to detect one specific cell out of 100.000 irrelevant cells, making this method much more sensitive than traditional ELISA applications.


  • Measurement of antigen-specific cytokine production of single T-cells
  • High sensitivity, high signal- to-noise ratio
  • Reproducible and reliable results within 24 hours
EliSpot procedure



Two-color diagnostic iSpot assays: Explore the future of Elispot diagnostics

EliSpot Assays

EliSpot Assays 
Red spot: cell secreting IL-2 only
Green spot: cell secreting γ-INF only (effector cell)
Double-stained spot: cell secreting both, γ-INF and IL-2 (memory cell)
Contact info@elispot.com This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for more informations.
  FAQ on iSpot and FluoroSpot


AID EliSpot Assay Kits


  AID offers ready to use 96-well-plates, pre-coated with primary antibody, in a complete kit containing secondary antibody, conjugate and substrate. In addition, AID offers a selection of ready to use diagnostic kits, specific antigens already included.  

Assays for routine diagnostics

Parameter Art.- No.
BasicSpot ELSP 5500
Interferon-γ assay for detection of various specific T-cells.  
LymeSpot ELSP 5510
Interferon-γ assay for the specific detection of T-cells secreted due to a Borrelia infection.  
EBV-Spot ELSP 5520
Interferon-γ assay for detection of Epstein-Barr-Virus (EBV) specific T-cells. Combination of EBV-lytic (BMLF1, BRLF1, BZLF1, ZEBRA) and EBV-latent (EBNA3a, LMP2) peptide mixes.  
CMV-Spot ELSP 5530CE
Interferon-γ assay for detection of Cytomegalovirus (CMV) specific T-cells.  
TransSpot ELSP 5550CE
Interferon-γ assay for monitoring of transplantation patients and for detection of latent/chronic infections important in terms of a planned transplantation. For more information on the relevance of the EliSpot method in transplantation please read here.  

Basic research kits in 96-well format (Customized kits available!)

Parameter Art.- No.
Interferon-γ ELSP 5000
TNF-α ELSP 5080
Interleukin-2 ELSP 5050
Interleukin-4 ELSP 5060
Interleukin-5 ELSP 5010
Interleukin-6 ELSP 5020
Interleukin-10 ELSP 5040
Interleukin-12   ELSP 5090
Interleukin-13 ELSP 5052
murine Interferon-γ ELSP 5025


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