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With the experience of many years in wide fields of immunology, virology, microbiology and molecular biology, people at AID are able to provide comprehensive technical and scientific support to their customers.

From AID you will receive an appropriate solution, indifferently whether you look for a hardware solution or whether an immunological-, or molecular-biological test-system has to be established in your lab.
Since AID manufactures and sells all products by themselves, we are able to deal flexibly and fast with suggestions and desires of our partners.

  • You miss a diagnostic test systems within the range of the immunology or molecular biology? Turn to AID. Our specialists will compile a solution for you.
Further service achievements:
  • Service Contract
    Extend your reader's warranty by entering in a service contract. Details on request.
  • On-site service
    We offer on-site, remote and online support for all our products.
  • Training of users
    Users are carefully trained to use the equipment. A retraining or training of new users is available on request.
  • Plate-reading service
    AID does not usually offer plate reading services. However, if you send in a limited number of plates we will read and analyse them for you and give you a technical comment. This service is specifically designed for beginners in EliSpot.
  • Custom Plate Manufacture
  • AID will manufacture precoated plates according to your requirements, eg. mixed parameter plates or half-plates. AID will also supply you with customized antigen/mitogen solutions for use in Elispot. Measurement of number and activity of specific cytotoxic T-cells and T-helper cells (EliSpot).


德国艾迪(AID)公司 中国代表处  
Email: info@aid-china.com
Msn: aid-china@hotmail.com



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