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Backup4all 7 Pro is a widely recognized application for safely and efficiently backing up data on computer systems. This program automatically initiates and monitors all backup processes and procedures saving user-interaction time, protects and encrypts backups with a passkey combination to prevent a breach and unauthorized access, and compresses data to save disk storage space using preferred zip format. It is specifically designed to protect valuable data from significant losses due to sudden and unexpected system failures, threats or sabotage. Using this tool provides you the option to backup system data to a wide array of  destinations such Google and Microsoft OneDrive and Dropbox, to Shared Network Drives, to Local Hardware such as Compact and Digital Disks (CD/DVD), Blue-ray, USB/Flash Drives and External Hard Drives, or via Remote access (FTP, SFTP).

Backup4all 7 Pro is capable of primary backup procedures, which are full, differential, incremental and mirror backup.

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Backup4all 6 Pro Crack / Activation Key

Backup4all 7 Pro is equipped with powerful tools and functions to tweaking and configuring personalized backup settings. Users can create complete file filters to enable backup of data for specific file extensions as well as scheduling the automated execution. In the completion of a backup task, users have the option to identify files that have been modified since previous backup procedures. You can also view backup procedure statistics regarding the upcoming backup operation. Open or locked files can be subjected to backup tasks using the Application. Backup of databases, Outlook personal folders, mail archives is also within the scope of backup tasks. Setting custom backups of specific files and folders is easily saved and launched. Users can utilize the context tree to run routine or preset procedures associated with the defined file extension. Running predefined backups of system folders and Outlook Express is executed with ease as well as loading backup plugins.

Key Features Of Backup4all 7 Pro Crack serial key

  • User-intuitive interface
  • Supports Windows 10/8.1/8, 7, Vista, XP, Server 2012, 2003/2008 Operating Systems
  • All features enabled from a trial, standard, lite, and portable versions
  • Allows data backup to various destinations such as in the Cloud, Network, Local or Remote Locations
  • AES Encryption (128/192/256-bit)
  • Notifications via email to receive an alert of process status
  • Customized backup procedures
  • Backup procedures can produce zip files up to 2GB via ZIP64
  • Restore all versions of data through the program’s file tracking
  • Restore specific data from data backup
  • Automatic integrity check of backup to monitor safe and precise execution

 Backup4all 6 Pro Crack / Activation Key

Main Pros and Cons


  • Application’s scheduled tasks run along Windows background tasks with minimal resource allocation.
  • Fast execution of backup tasks, even for simultaneous drive procedures.
  • The high-performance application only requires small allocation on disk storage (approximately 100MB).


  • Although backup procedures are monitored during execution, the program does not alert and provide the user alternatives when a problem occurs while backing up a file. The file in question is skipped, and the error is logged in the report. This raises the need to read the backup report carefully when it is completed to solve any issues that may have occurred.

Most Common Users:

Almost everyone with a computer system with valuable data and information to protect can benefit from purchasing and installing Backup4all 6 Pro. The wide array and levels of backup security is a must-have for professionals who want to keep their digital valuables while doing their everyday activities.

Author Note:

To conclude, I would recommend Backup4all 6 Pro as any system’s primary tool in keeping your important data and information safe through fast and reliable automated backup procedures. Although the user needs to review the report after a backup completion, it allows you to enjoy the convenience of safeguarding digital information without having the need to assume control of every specific of the tasks.

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