IMO for PC / Windows (10/8.1/8/7/XP)

I remember when sending pictures from one phone to another used to be really expensive. And then along came Whatsapp to show us a way of hacking Wifi to have free connections forever.

But what if we could go one step further and achieve the same aim without needing a phone at all?

Introducing IMO for PC. A smarter way to connect to people through SMS and with beautiful video calling facilities right from your PC and without the need for a SIM.

IMO for PC / Windows (10/8.1/8/7/XP)


Let’s face it, we do have a lot of choices when it comes to communication, and I think we should say right up front that IMO is not the only good option.

But in this game it’s not about what is best, it’s about positioning, difference. IMO has a couple of things it’s competitors do not have and it has become a powerful option because of that.

So let’s break down what it does for you.

Because IMO operates exclusively on the internet, you don’t need to have a SIM to make it work. Equally, it’s not going to use any of your data charges so long as you can connect over Wifi.

But you could argue that this isn’t where IMO’s real strength is.

With IMO you get incredible quality video calls. This has been a huge focus from the development team, and it’s paid off because IMO is world class.

Finally, imo for pc an app (no offence Whatsapp) where you can guarantee crystal clear video calls and audio, making IMO the number one choice for people who prioritize video quality over everything else


So while the high-quality video makes it OUR top pick for video calls, you could argue that there is another feature that elevates IMO above most of the competition.

These days, privacy is something we take more seriously. But a few years ago there was a sense of magic surrounding the idea of the internet. We put our information out into the world imagining that it was floating somewhere in the sky in a place that could never be found.

But that’s not true, all information is stored somewhere, and even the ‘cloud’ is basically a computer server sat in a building other than your own.

Why IMO for PC?

It’s best, perhaps, to think of it as an escrow account. When your money is in escrow, it is in neither the sender’s account or the recipient’s account. But it is in an account. It does exist. Cloud data storage is basically ‘information escrow’ so next time you store information anywhere other than your computer, remember it is still on a computer, just not yours!

All of this means that we have to re-evaluate how we chat to one another. When using many messaging services, we only think that a message magically flies from our phone to another with nothing in between. But it has to travel through SOMETHING, which means our messages could be read by somebody else. It happens.

But with apps like IMO and Whatsapp, all messages are ENCRYPTED which basically means this. Your message is sealed in a little box with a padlock when it leaves your phone and even though that box could be seen by any number of people, the only place the key lives is on the recipients phone. End-to-end encryption means your data is as secure as it can be made and with IMO this same encryption is used for calls too.


Well, if you really think about it, there is a pretty big catch.

For all the end-to-end encryption and the ridiculously good video calling, it only works with the internet.

I sometimes ask myself why standard SMS messaging still exists in a world where the internet seems to control everything but the answer is simple. Because you don’t have signal all of the time. And because you don’t have internet the whole time, you don’t have IMO the whole time.

Let’s be fair though, this is also true of Whatsapp and that hasn’t stopped it becoming the most used messaging service in the world.


I think it’s time to be really honest here.

How many messaging services do you need? More than a couple and things get a little silly.

The real question is what KIND of messaging service do you want?

If you’re looking to add high-quality video to your calls then there is no doubt whatsoever that IMO has got it’s competitors beaten. When you are on an internet connection, IMO has a very high level of video quality which means it’s simply the best choice for this.

Equally, IMO has many of the features that other apps like Whatsapp have but IMO isn’t really competing with Whatsapp – whilst Whatsapp is great for super quick connection and moment by moment messaging, IMO has positioned itself very clearly as a VIDEO CALLING app first that then also happens to include the great features of other messaging services.

With an abundance of stickers and all the playful features you would expect from your regular messaging service, IMO really has positioned itself as THE messaging service for people who value high-quality video – meaning you get exactly what you need and lose nothing from migrating from another service.

We’d highly recommend it and it’s also available for PC without the need for an Android Emulator which makes it even better as you can take those video calls fast and full screen, taking full advantage of the hard work that’s gone into developing such a high-quality piece of software.


You can Download IMO for PC here but whilst IMO for PC is a great option, you’ll get the most out of it on mobile, being able to take those super video call features on the road, wherever you can get connected.