Mobdro for PC Laptop Download (Windows 8.1/8/10/7/XP/)

The world is full of incredible content and sometimes we take it for granted. Only a few years ago we’d be lucky to get more than ten TV channels but since the birth of the internet the whole world has become our playground.

The problem? All of these broadcasts are on different channels in different countries. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to bring all of those streams into one single place, somewhere that helped by sorting them into categories you could search through easily. And somewhere that did all of this for free?

I guess you haven’t heard of Mobdro then!

Mobdro for PC Laptop Download (Windows 8.1/8/10/7/XP/)


Mobdro does what all great apps do, it makes your life easier, it solves a problem.

By bringing all available lives streams into one place it gives you an essential marketplace of incredible content. Whether it’s sports, movies or TV Shows, the user interface is straightforward to use and means you can access the content you want with a simple search.

It’s like the remote control for your online streaming life.

Mobdro instantly looks for free video streams that are currently available on the web and then pulls them into an order, making them accessible on your Android device.

Of course, if you’re here on this article, reading these words then you don’t just want it on your Android, you want to access Mobdro for PC.

So how can you download Mobdro for PC?

You’re going to need a sneaky little Android Emulator.

Mobdro for PC Laptop Download (Windows 8.1/8/10/7/XP/)


An Android emulator is simply a piece of software that emulates or copies the behaviors of, your Android phone but on a PC. It’s pretty clever and when it’s open, your computer, to all extents and purposes, IS an Android device.

Fancy playing some Android games full screen? Done. How about simply having access to your messages and photos on the same machine you work from? Done.

An Android emulator allows you to take your mobile life fast and fullscreen so apps like Mobdro work beautifully and mean that you can access those same live streams on your PC, rather than just your Android.

Also, by running an Android emulator, you can text from your computer, through your SMS plan, without having to switch between devices.

However, there are a lot of emulators to choose from. To make sure you only get the best quality, we’ve selected the Android Emulator that we believe gives you the best experience.

So, if you’re looking to get Mobdro for PC, we recommend  Bluestacks for PC and we’ve written all about it here so take a look.

BACK TO Mobdro

Smart, intuitive and easy to simply pick up and use without any technical information – just like all greats apps should be. With Mobdro for PC you can

DISCOVER – Find awesome video streams from around the world on every topic you can imagine (yep, there will be that programme about teaching goats to drive SOMEWHERE). You’ll also find content in every language too, this isn’t just neat stuff from around the corner, these streams are worldwide and mean you have access to things you wouldn’t even be able to pay for. Yet here you are, getting it for free.

SHARE – You can recommend streams and involve your community online with a single click. Watching a Spanish soap opera that you just have to tell your friends about, done. Watching the final of the Urguayan football cup? Tell somebody!

BOOKMARK – And when you find streams you like, organize them by assigning simple bookmarking. This means you can filter them by language or topic and can find the streams you loved quickly and easily in the future.

CAPTURE – Now this is an awesome feature, download the very best streams you have seen so that you can watch them offline. Whether on mobile or on PC, this is a smart feature and means Mobdro outstrips any remaining competition for best streaming app around.


Mobdro does exactly what we’ve described and it does it really well. With a powerful and easy to use search function you always have the opportunity to browse the world’s best video streams and find your favorite programmes as well as some streams that will become your new favorites by the time you’ve finished watching them.

It’s free and effective so the question isn’t ‘do I want it’ but ‘where has it been all my life’.

Mobdro can have a few problems, like any app of this kind – from time to time you might need to work with your settings to ensure streams keep showing up and you’re also going to find a lot of rubbish out there too. That’s the paradox of choice, sometimes the more there is to choose from, the harder it is to find something you want to watch.

However, with a little investment of time up front, you can start to curate a totally individual streaming experience and take your online life to the next level.

You also have to remember that the quality of your streaming experience is going to be intimately connected to the quality of your Wifi or data. There really isn’t anything Mobdro can do about your own internet but streaming does require a lot of data so I wouldn’t recommend using Mobdro if you have a specific package – go unlimited or else it’ll be costing you a lot.

Equally, you can have your heart broken by Mobdro – it’s not a TV channel, it’s an app that searches for available streams. If a stream is available one day but is no longer available then, sorry to say, it’s gone.

If you do decide to go Premium then you’ll be able to get rid of ads but they’re not really a distraction, the real benefit of Premium is the download option to keep content for later.


Right here 😉 Download Mobdro for PC here

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