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TeamViewer 14 crack is a free application that grants remote access to users. The program has the same capabilities as other competitors in the market, but TeamViewer also offers some functions that are unique to it. It is comparatively easier to use than other applications available in the market. To top it all off, the application runs on virtually any device. The application works on Windows, Apple and Linux systems, as well as on various mobile devices.

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Rundown of Features                                        

Here is a list of what you can and should expect from TeamViewer Beta:

  • The Application supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Home Server operating systems.
  • Aside from Windows, it is also compatible with Linux and Apple OS.
  • It also runs on Android, Windows, Blackberry, Chrome and iOS mobile devices.
  • The app is available as a stand-alone executable file for ease of use and portability and as an installed program on a system so that it is always available for remote access.
  • It lets the user restart a computer remotely in Safe Mode while retaining its connection to the app.
  • The application allows the user to doodle and select objects on a screen remotely.
  • Wireless network adjustments are not required to properly use TeamViewer.
  • The app can be viewed on a window or an entire screen and shared with another.
  • Files and folders can be moved from two different systems thanks to the file transfer function of TeamViewer.
  • During sessions of Remote Access, screen activities may be recorded for viewing on a more convenient time.
  • Aside from transfer between two computers, files can also be moved to and from online services such as OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox directly using TeamViewer.
  • TeamViewer lets the user see the overall status of the computer system even while away physically.

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Weighing Pros & Cons

As with all software, there is an inevitable presence of both good and bad points in every given product. The following is a simple list to glance at:


  • The software is free for life, no need for subscriptions or renewals
  • The application allows text messaging, video and voice calls
  • Configurations for port forwarding are not required
  • With TeamViewer, you can initiate a meeting or join in another one
  • The portable variant of the application lets you easily access it without the need to install
  • You can print documents and files through remote access.
  • WOL or Wake on LAN is supported.
  • Quick Support lessons time and effort to remote access
  • With Remote Access, you can connect to multiple screens at the same time
  • Remote access can be done via mobile device app, a desktop program or a browser


  • Although free, the app is only available to commercial and business settings via a paid version. This is due to legalities and procedures in the handling and operations of business processes.

How Does It Work

Each time TeamViewer crack is installed in a distinct system, a 9 digit number combination is generated. This ID number is unique to that particular system. The ID is preserved while even after a fresh install or an update. This number is grants you permission to access that system remotely.

Ever had a request from a relative over a friend about their computer over a phone call? It’s difficult to convey and relay to them what to do exactly by using only your voice and your words. When they have the QuickSupport application installed on their system, they can just tell you their unique ID number and their password and this grants you Remote Access to their system. This saves time and effort in getting the job done.

The Bottom Line

TeamViewer 14 is the latest update to the widely-used software for remote access. This is a must for professionals or even enthusiasts who utilize this function to perform their respective work and hobbies. This is a great application you might not need at the moment, but the function is surely nice to have on your arsenal. The app also has multiple variants. You can choose from these versions depending on your specific needs and demands. A noteworthy one is the QuickSupport. This stand-alone app is portable and packed with power to get the job done without the need for installation procedures. You can just run the app immediately.

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TeamViewer 14 upcoming feature

  • multi-screen support
  • enhanced security
  • higher performance router
  • much optimize and reliable version of a software
  • LAN internet
  • friendly interface

How To Install TeamViewer 14 key/Crack?

  • disable all antivirus connection
  • Download latest of TeamViewer 12 beta
  • install its premium crack version
  • run and follow steps
  • Enjoy

TeamViewer 14 License Key



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