Tinder for pc : Tinder on PC Windows (XP, 7, 8, 8.1) Laptop

Love has become a swipe right kind of activity and Tinder is, without any doubt, evidence of a totally new way of meeting people.

In this article, we’re going to be talking about Tinder, for sure, but also about how you can download Tinder for PC so you can take your swipe game to a whole new level.


If you don’t know what Tinder is then I have no idea how you ended up on this post!

Tinder, to make it nice and simple, is a location based social search hook-up app. I know it might be a little unfair to call it an app for hook-ups rather than for dating but the truth is that the entire premise of Tinder encourages less depth in connection than, say, eyes meeting across a crowded room and a love affair built up to over time.

That’s because it has turned meeting people into a pragmatic affair. You see a series of pictures of people in the area you’ve defined and you make a call, do I want to know more or not?

Swiping right means you indicate that you like what you’ve seen whilst swiping left will get rid of them, throw them away, ditch them from your life forever. Gone!


If the person you ‘swipe right’ on also swipes right on you then BOOM, it’s a match and you can speak to one another, profess your undying love and meet up at your local milkshake bar for a scintillating conversation about the political situation in North Korea.

Or, you know, whatever you like to do on a first date.


Tinder is only available for Android and iOS and doesn’t use a website to fuel it’s search either. This is kind of unusual for this kind of app because you would think it might limit the amount of users it can generate.

Not so, Tinder keeps on growing whilst the frustration about having to use it on mobile gently simmers in the background.

However, using Tinder on your PC is actually really easy but you do need an Android emulator for PC.

An Android emulator will give you the opportunity to play games, share photos and documents from your Android phone to your PC but also means that you can run Android apps on your PC, all of which are beautifully adapted to be used fast and full screen.

Well, that is if you use the right emulator.

We’d recommend BlueStacks, which you can download here

BlueStacks is a smart and responsive Android emulator for PC. It has an attractive layout and cloud connectivity, which makes it possible to update your files in real time as well as text from your computer.

When it comes to Tinder on PC, it means you can mix a little work and play, jumping from one app to another and making sure that when the week ends you have somewhere to go and somebody to go with!


Back to Tinder.

To use Tinder you need a Facebook account, which is both a good thing and also an issue for some people.

On the plus side; having a Facebook account means you’re less likely to run into fake Tinder users and it makes joining really straightforward. Your info can be lifted straight from Facebook which means you can jump right into the job of finding the love of your life without having to go through the process of setting up a lengthy profile.

Whilst this can be a positive feature of having to run your Tinder through your Facebook account, one feature of using Facebook in this way is that you can see if a potential match already has shared connections with you.

Tinder on PC

For me, that can be a good thing and a bad thing. If you don’t want the world to know you’re using Tinder to meet people then that’s an issue because any matches you make that have shared friends are bound to go to them for a little info!

The swiping interface is simple and effective, so much so it has been picked up by other dating apps and as well as Facebook integration you also have the chance to snoop on connected Instagram profiles too.

Tinder does have a paid model which means that you can have unlimited matches whilst a free account will limit a number of people you can match with each day. Strangely the prices for paid accounts do differ depending on age. If you’ve just had your 28th birthday then bad luck because you’re Tinder subscription is going to be hiked by as much as 250%!

Tinder for PC full review with screenshots

Tinder for pc : Tinder on PC Windows (XP, 7, 8, 8.1) Laptop

Tinder for pc : Tinder on PC Windows (XP, 7, 8, 8.1) Laptop


When it comes to Tinder, the catch is in the premise. All dating is not equal and whilst you might be looking for your ‘one true love’ Tinder is more of a numbers game.

The more you meet, the better the chances you’ll meet somebody you really like. It is the gamification of dating and that has its upsides but, without any doubt, takes away some of the inherent magic and mystery of meeting people the ‘old fashioned way’.

However, if we’re just talking about how Tinder works on PC then with Bluestacks offline installer you’ll have no problem running the Android version on your PC.


If you want to download imo for pc then go ahead and get yourself a copy of BlueStacks Android Emulator and start your dating adventure today.

The trick to this question isn’t really about whether you SHOULD download Tinder for PC but more about should you use Tinder at all?

Our suggestion would be that if you want to meet new people, don’t stick to one option. Try out a few different apps and see which one feels like it suits you the most. It can be tempting to feel like with so many people using Tinder you are somehow missing out but the truth is dating with Tinder is just as much of a minefield as dating in any other way.

Tinder for PC laptop windows 7, 8, 10 is accessed through BlueStacks Android Emulator and you can access that here.

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